Thuja Arborvitae Trunk Has Numerous Small Oval Holes And Yellow Sap And Thinning Branches With Orange Foliage

Question From: J. Walashek - Mad River, California, United States
Q: Hello, One of my 12ft Thujas has a double trunk. One of the trunks has numerous, small oval holes in it. This trunk also looks much older than its neighboring trunk. It has some split bark damage (might be from a deer scraping its horns on it years ago) and the branches on this trunk have thinned out with some of the remaining branches showing orange foliage. This tree and several other Thuja in the same line with it, have yellow sap running down the trunks in various places--some of the areas where the trunk is oozing sap looks as if it were scraped. These areas are too high to be deer damage. I'm concerned that the small holes and running sap might be from shothole borers or some other kind of bark borer. What do you think? Thanks, Jil

A: I think you need to get an onsite inspection from a professional. Your Thujas may have several issues that need addressing. To find a certified arborist in you area go to and enter your zip code. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy