Timing For Applying Herbicide To Remove Wild Violets

Question From: M. Dennis - MICHIGAN
Q: I read the article in the Detroit News about getting rid of wild violets in my yard. I have tried for many years to stop them from spreading. The last product I used was Spurge Power from a company called Monterey. That did not work. I may have used it at the wrong time of the year. Spurge Power has Dicamba Acid as an ingredient. Am I using the wrong product? Do I need something with all three - Dicamba, 24D and MCpp? What product would you recommend? Thanks

A: Mike, I checked the label on the Spurge Power and it should work. Timing is important. In spring it should be applied when the plants are actively growing. Bloom is a good indication. If it has not rained for say three weeks, the violets will begin to go dormant and not take up the product, so weather too can be a factor. Now is the perfect time to use it, but do so when it will not rain for 24 hours after applying. You may need to hit them again in spring. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy