Tips For Using PlantSkydd Deer Repellent

Question From: L. Fenby - West Bloomfield Township, Michigan, United States
Q: Hi Nancy, My name is Lynn Fenby, and I am an avid reader of your column. I read today's article, "Employing new strategy in battle against deer" (Friday, June 14, 2013) I have successfully used Plantskydd for several years, and I have a few more suggestions to offer you regarding this product. First of all, it really works. I have seen the deer running through my neighbor's yard, approaching our yard, but then literally, the deer come to a screeching halt....and then they make a U turn, OR they run through my yard frantically and then finally stop over at my neighbor's across the road. First point: The bottle says apply once every three only lasts one month and then the deer are back. The bottle should state that it only lasts one month, since it discourages people from using it when the deer are back in the 2nd month. I use the first of every month as my marker that it is time to reapply the Plantskydd. Also, I make sure that I watch the weather reports so that I apply it when we are not expecting rain for a couple days. Next point: The granules are fine for rabbits, chipmunks, small animals. Granules will not be the least bit effective for the deer. Know your enemy and buy accordingly. Next point: The reader should know that this is liquid blood from a slaughter house, therefore it will smell when you first apply it, but the smell quickly dissipates, in less than an hour. Since it looks like it is staining your bushes and flowers, don't worry, it won't be visible within a short amount of time. Next point: Don't forget to SHAKE the bottle, that's really an important part of the process. Next point: Because blood coagulates, I have found that I only get 5-6 shots of spraying done, and the darn sprayer plugs up completely. Annoying. The company tells you to turn it upside down and run hot water through the nozzle. Also annoying. Therefore, I have had great success using the liquid product in a different fashion. I shake the bottle well, REMOVE the nozzle, and walk the perimeter of my flower beds, tilting the bottle and drizzling a tiny amount around all of my flower beds. It is so quick and so easy, I can do my entire yard in about 5-10 minutes. Just take a walk. Your fingers and wrists will thank you for avoiding 1/2 hour of pulling on that clogged spray gun. I try to put some of the product directly on the flowers or bushes that are under deer attack, but in general, I find that the smell in the air is enough to keep the deer away. Another advantage to this method: You avoid losing the product to gusts of wind that unexpectedly carry the liquid away or worse, right back into your face. Last point: Regarding the tall shrubs, I shake the bottle, and drizzle from the bottle in a few long drizzles on that tall shrub, just like you are using salad dressing. This is a great product, and it has really solved our problem of the deer taking our Rose of Sharon bush, that was formerly six feet high, down to two feet high. I hope that some of these tips will be helpful. Have a beautiful lush summer! Kindest Regards, Lynn Fenby

A: Thanks for the feedback Lynn. I have sent your tips on Julia Hofley, the Plantskydd rep. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy