Tips Of Shrub Leaves Have Turned Brown After Late Frost

Question From: L. Zibell - MICHIGAN
Q: Nancy, I sure miss talking to you at the OPC! In August you recommended the tree/shrub Seven Son Flower, Temple of Bloom by Proven Winners. We bought one and were looking forward to watching it grow. It leafed out nicely and then got hit by the late frost. The leaves have stayed on and are still green but the tips of them turned black from the frost. There is only one new leaf growing on one of the many stems. My husband thinks we should remove all the black tipped leaves and see if new will grow. this would leave nothing but empty stems so I am hesitant. What should we do? It looks healthy otherwise and happy to report the deer just walk on by! Thank you for your suggestion.

A: Do not strip off the green leaves. Be patient and make sure to keep it watered. Many trees and shrubs were damaged this year, Best and Happy Yardening, Nancy