Tomato Limbs Seem Too Small To Support Tomatoes

Question From: Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, United States
Q: What will happen to the harvest and plant growth if I pick flowers. My concern was that the limbs were too small to support any fruit.

A: I do not have a crystal ball Trevor. Need to know what kind of plant your talking about. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy

Comment: They are all tomatoes. Beef steak, brandywine, early girl, opalka, Paul robeson, German Johnson and Kentucky beefsteak. They have generated more flowers since June 14th. But for future reference, will tomatoes produce fruit if the plant is not yet able to support the weight or does the plant know its limits?

Response: You will need to stake them. If you are fertilizing them you're pushing them beyond their normal limits and they will need support. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy