Tomato Plants Developed Brown Spots

Question From: MICHIGAN
Q: My tomato plants last year developed brown spots on the leaves, and then died early. I believe this may have been caused by composting rose bush leaves in my tomato garden in past years. If this is true, how can I correct the problem and make the soil healthy?


Floyd, your tomatoes had a disease, but it didn't come from the roses. Black spot only attacks roses. However, if you use your compost on your roses, do not compost diseased rose leaves. There are several diseases that attack tomatoes. I recommend you add that compost to the soil and use a product called Actinovate as a soil drench when planting. Repeat every 10 days = a total of 4 apps. If leaves show signs of disease use Actinovate as a foliar spray. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy