Tomatoes And Green Beans Plants Losing Leaves From Bottom Up

Question From: m. brooks - FLORIDA
Q: I live in orlando florida, recently i planted one of those purple tomatoes, the tomatoe plant prior to that along with the green beans lost their leaves form the bottom up and even one small gren tomate had the insides eaten out and left on ground... i pulled out all the beans, they were not doing well, and now it seems the new purple tomatoe is having the same problem, some leaves near the bottom seem wilted and have black edges in places and then they start to disappear... any ideas?


Sounds like a soil borne disease. Treating the soil with ACTINOVATE as a soil drench will help, check it out on The green mato was probably eaten by a slug. Check out slugs on Yardener com. Enter problems with slugs in the search box. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.