Tomatoes Viny Instead Of Bushy And Bottom Leaves Are Turning Yellow

Question From: J. Kratky - Lakeland, Florida, United States
Q: I have well water and its high in iron, my tomatoes are now becoming viny instead of bushy. The leaves on the bottom are turning yellow. Is this because of the well water?

A: To my knowledge excessive iron is not a problem for tomatoes grown in soil. There are several reasons for lower leaves to yellow. If they have spots it is a viral soil borne disease. On mature plants the aging leaves at the bottom begin to yellow and die. I prune these off. A cold snap will impact growth. I too have lots of iron and high pH water. If you are growing in sandy soil amend with shredded leaves, compost and composted cow manure several weeks before planting. I use fish and kelp fertilizer for a pick me up when the fruit begins to develop. Good Luck, Nancy and Happy Yardening,.