Transplanted Blooming Hyacinth Losing Flowers

Question From: CONNECTICUT
Q: Hi Nancy, I bought a basic hyacinth plant at a Walmart, it is already in bloom or flowered and looked good when I got it but after I planted it in my garden and giving it a very good watering it seems to be dying, the pink flowers or petals are turning brown and almost soggy looking, this is two days after I planted it. Did I give it too much water? It did rain on and off for the past two days after I watered it. Also I think the bulbs might not be deep enough in the ground, the plastic pot it came in had them planted like an inch under the surface, u could almost see one sticking out a little bit, I didn't think much of it until now so I just put it in the ground like that. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks, Max

A: Max, The bulb has been forced and it's out of gas. You can cut the leaves off and plant the bulb about 6-inches. It may or may not rise again next year and it may not bloom .Sooo, I recommend you plant fresh bulbs in the garden next fall. You will be treated to a sweet smelling show in spring. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.