Transplanted Dawn Redwood Is Drying Up And Wilting

Question From: J. K - Greendale, Indiana, United States
Q: Dawn Redwood, i have a planting question. I bought a 8 foot tall tree and cut into the root ball around the circumference with a razor knife to stimulate root growth. I have been watering it every other or every third day and it seems to be dry and wilting. What should be done at this point, its been 3 weeks since i planted it. Will it survive? We line in Southeast indiana.

A: I don't have a crystal ball so I can't answer your question. Sounds like the tree was badly root bound. It may have been in bad shape when you bought it. Google the cultural needs of a Dawn Redwood and match them to the the site you planted it in. Consider the weather conditions and how you cared for it for hints on why it is failing. I would keep the root ball moist but not sodden until the tree goes dormant. Remember, these trees shed their needles in fall. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy