Transplanted Dogwood Tree Does Not Bloom

Question From: M. West - Orange, Texas, United States
Q: I live in South East Texas , close to the gulf. I received some dogwood trees, Barerooted, from the Arbor Foundation years ago. I planted into pots and successfully transplanted after about 2 or three years. It has been in its current location since then, probably 7 or 8 years. It has grown as expected, but it has never bloomed. I researched reasons for no blooms and the best thing i can see that may be the problem is the roots may stay wetter than it likes. (my yard is typically low). I am sure it gets the right amount of sun/shade where it is. I just wonder, if i transplanted it too deep. When i transplanted it from its beginning pot, it was already 3 to 4 feet tall. it is now 10 to 12 feet tall. And i had just read, while researching lack of blooming that the roots are fairly shallow. well this one had a long root when i orginally put it in its location. I remember having to dig a fairly deep hole to accommodate the long root. Do you think i could dig the tree up, add dirt to the same hole and replant in the same place? (to lift the plant/roots to a higher level) like i said the tree is growing fine, just no blooms. or should i relocate to a different area? Next part of my question, regardless where i put it, will it set the blooming process back, such as bulbs, generally, when you transplant them, it takes 2 to three years for them to produce blooms. Hope my concern is clear. Thank you for any input you have. Mary West

A: Mary - Lack of bloom is usually caused by excessive nitrogen, lack of sun, too much sun or lack of water. It needs about 6 hours of sun daily but needs shade in the heat of the afternoon. Excessive heat could also be an issue. The root flares, where the trunk thickens just above the roots should be exposed. If the area were too wet the tree would be dead by now. If you transplant it and all the conditions are right it should bloom in its second year. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.