Transplanted Geranium Seedlings In One Tray Have Shriveled Up

Question From: Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, United States
Q: I started my geraniums indoors from seed. All started to grow and I transplanted them to 4" pots with fresh potting soil. I have them uder high intensity lights for 14 hours a day. All were growing pretty good until the leaves on some of the plants started to turn red. I watered them once a week. The 4" pots are in two separate trays with 15 pots each. All the plants in one tray are doing great, but just about all the plants in the other have shriveled up. What caused this and can the plants be saved?

A: Wish I could give you a pat answer. Any chance the one tray was exposed to cold temperatures? That will do them in. Get yourself a thermometer that reads high and low temperature. You may be surprised what happens at night. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy