Treating Salt Water Damage To Entire Property

Question From: J. Deignan - NEW YORK
Q: Looking for information re salt damage to trees, shrubs perennials cause by water incursion from hurricane sandy at the end of October.. Property had over 5 feet of water on land for over 48 hours. Evergreens look like toast, 80 year old weeping beech must be in serious stress, cant really tell whats going on with roses, grass and other plants. Any info on what to do to help plants survive who be helpful.


An article in February issue of Fine Gardening Magazine recommends watering the plants with 2 inches of water weekly for 2 months and applying gypsum. Aerating the soil will also help with compaction. I would use a garden fork to make holes in the ground around your plants. I would also put a couple of inches of compost on the surface of the soil. Do not fertilize with chemical based fertilizers that are also high in salts. 

When watering it's best to do it in doses so you don't drown the plants again or wash away the gypsum.
You have my deepest sympathy. Best and Good Luck, Nancy.