Trouble Keeping Petunias Healthy In Summer

Question From: C. Pratt - North Augusta, South Carolina, United States
Q: I love wave petunias but I have trouble keeping them healthy in late July and August. I live in Augusta GA and our summers can be brutal. Majority of my clients beds are in full sun. Stopped using them a couple years ago but they make such a stunning front row flower in my patterns. Any suggestions.

A: I dig in Michigan Craig, but my research tells me the Waves do well in Georgia. Two things come to mind. One is water - they can't be allowed to dry out, they need moist but not soggy soil and fertilizer. Toonies are heavy feeders. Jack's Classic came out with a special formula for petunias and growers here love the the stuff. Follow the directions. The have a slow release and a water soluable. Call the 800 number if you have questions - you can even talk to Jack. Jack is Jack Peters of the origininal Peters fertlizer. Best of Luck and Happy Yardening, Nancy.