Trouble Printing Newsletter

Question From: Kingston, New York, United States
Q: I am having trouble printing my garden plan. When I print it is asking for paper loaded in the back tray, which it should not. When it does print it only prints a small part of the plan in an odd way. I can print the plan as part of the browser window just fine. I am running on a mac running Yosemite.

A: We're sorry for your trouble, but I'm not really able to help you with your printer. We suggest checking your printer documentation and contacting the printer manufacturer's customer support service for help.  We are also unable (by your email address or name) to find you in our newsletter subscriber list so I am unable to send you a PDF version of your newsletter that might be easier for you to print. 

Thanks for your interest in Yardener and Happy Yardening!

-The Yardener Support Team