Trumpet Vine Has Brown Yellow Egg Like Structures On Underside

Question From: K. Whitney - Spanish Fork, Utah, United States
Q: I have a problem with my trumpet vine . . . I have Brownish yellowish eggs that are on the underside of my vines . . . some are embedded into the vine. They cluster in oval shapes and as they get older they turn brownish blackish. Do you know what exactly is causing this? Can I stop it?
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A: Unfortunately the egg like structures are out of focus. If they turn colors and do not hatch they are probably not eggs. I suggest you cut off a sample and take it to you County Extension for an ID..Click on this link to find the location. A spray that kill the eggs but not harm butterflies, bees or beneficials is AzaMax. It's certified organic, OMRI listed and also safe for use on edible including day of harvest. Hope this helps, Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy