Trumpet Vine Leaves Have Black Dots And A Small Green Caterpillar

Question From: Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Q: I have a beatiful trumpet vine but this year leaves are full of a small black things- for me they looks like some eggs. Leaves look ugly and with transparent spots. I sprayd with bugs control spray but no effect. One time I saw a 1/4 " small green caterpillar.Please help get rid of that. thank you Nancy.

A: The black dots are probably a fungal disease. Bug control sprays are useless. The areas where look transparent may however be the result of bugs feeding. Take sample of these leaves to good independent garden center or nursery that sells trumpet vines, ( not a big box such as Home Depot) for an accurate ID. I think it will lose its leaves and go dormant in winter. Be vigilant about cleaning up all the fallen leaves. When the new growth emerges and leafs out spray it with a fungicide making sure to hit the undersides of the leaves. Re-apply as directed. The garden center should be able to advise you as to what and when to apply a recommended pesticide. One green caterpillar is not cause for alarm, dozens are. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy