Tuckers Pride LED Mini Garden And How Nancy Tests And Recommends Products

Question From: B. Gottschalk - MICHIGAN
Q: Saw your column in Friday's Detroit News--do you get any financial compensation for mentioning Tuckers' Pride LED Mini Garden in your column? I'm interested in purchasing it, but I want to make sure that any recommendation I act on is conflict-of-interest free. Thanks.


I do not. I did get a free sample to try, which is why I wrote about it. I insist on trying things before I write about them. I had a Aero Garden and thought it was a piece of junk. They sold millions of them.  My biggest concern was the ability of the leds to provide right amount of light to grow plants. So far so good. My stir fry lettuce sprouts are ready to eat and have not stretched. I will try a mini rose as soon as I find one in bloom. If there is a down side it's the size. Happy Yardening, Nancy