Tulip Tree Is Losing Some Bark

Question From: Tyler, Texas, United States
Q: I noticed that my tulip tree is losing some bark. Otherwise it seems healthy. It bloomed this spring and then leaved out and the leaves are nice and green. We had an ice storm several years ago that damaged it some and I had to have it trimmed up some. Could that be what the problem is? I am wondering if it is starting to die. It is over 25 years old. Thanks for any help that you might give me.

A: Losing bark is not a good sign. Limbing up a tree, if done correctly will not damage it. A healthy tulip tree can live an century or more. If it were my tree I would get and onsite inspection from a professional - a certified arborist. To find one in your area go to www.tcia.org. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy