Tulip Tree Leaves Have Brownish Veins Turn Yellow And Drop

Question From: OHIO
Q: I looked at your list of tulip tree problems and none seem to quite fit my tree. I planted the tree this past spring and have watered it at least once a week since we had a dry summer. Leaves came out well but now many (at least half) seem to develop brownish veins. This develops further and the affected leaves slowly turn yellow and then drop. I cannot see any bugs or aphids. Is this just transplant stress or something worse? Thank you.


Severe heat has also stressed many trees, especially those freshly transplanted. When you transplant a tree, depending on how old it is and how long it was in the ground, it loses up to 80 percent of it's root mass. So in hot dry weather it cannot take up water fast enough to meet the needs of the leaves. Make sure you keep it watered so the soil stays moist and hope for the best. Happy Yardening, Nancy