Tuxedo Weigela Leaves Are Turning Brown And Drying From Bottom Up And Ninebark Leaves Are Turning Yellow And Have White Color At Base

Question From: B. Rosales - Lansing, Michigan, United States
Q: The Tuxedo Weigela seems to be dying from the bottom of the plant and working its way up towards the top. The leaves are turning brown and drying up like a dry autumn leaf. I also have ninebark shrubs that the lower leaves have turned yellow and have a white color at the base. Please tell me what I am dealing with and how to correct the problem.

A: Your shrubs have fungal diseases. Spray them with a fungicide. Natria Disease Control and Serenade are organic and OMRI listed - safe for use around kids, cats and birds. Be sure to treat the bottoms of the leaves and water at the base of the stubs. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy