Twisted Hibiscus Lost Its Leaves And Does Not Look Happy After Being Brought Indoors

Question From: Gladwin, Michigan, United States
Q: I have a twisted hibiscus in a large pot that has been outdoors all summer. It really flourished and produced beautiful blossoms. Recently brought it in the house for the winter months and have it in the sunniest place in the house. It has lost all its leaves and is looking pretty sad. Is this normal with bringing indoors? Placed it on the porch for a day or two as the days warmed--small growth has started again but not much or too fast. It is supposed to be in or outdoors plant. What is the best fertilizer to use? Any help will sure be appreciated.

A: Your hibiscus is a tropical plant and cannot survive outdoors. You probably waited a bit too long to bring it in. They often drop their leaves when brought indoors. I would overwinter it in your basement in a cool dark area. Keep the soil just moist. Bring it into the sun in April and fertilize with fish emulsion at half strength when new grow begins. Do not put it outdoors until the weather warms and there is no fear of frost next spring. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy