Unwanted Grass Is Spreading Through Lawn

Question From: T. Brady - Marcellus, New York, United States
Q: I have this grass that is getting more and more in my lawn. Not crabgrass but how do I get rid of it? What is it?
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A: I believe you have perennial tall fescue growing in your lawn. While some folks grow it as a low care lawn, when it seeds into cool season lawns such as Kentucky Blue, it,s considered a weed. The problem is it is not easy to get rid of. You can try to dig it out, but it's back breaking work. The roots are deep and if you miss some the grass will r -sprout. Spot treat it with Roundup ( it kills what it touches so be careful with it) and reseed the bare spot a week to 10 days later -following the directions on the container. If you don't reseed the spot or sod it, more weeds will sprout. If it is rampant, best to kill the entire lawn and seed or sod it. Watering is key to success, so the best time to do this is late August thru the middle of September when Mother Nature usually helps out and the grass has plenty of time to establish before winter. Hope this helps, Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy