Variegated Pachysandra Leaves Are Wilted And Hang Down Limply

Question From: M. Katzman - WASHINGTON
Q: Hello, in Seattle Wa. Last spring I planted the parking strip beds with Variegated Pachysandra, which are under 2 Washington Thorn trees. The area is on an automatic irrigation system and the perimeter is surrounded by a low wire fence, which keeps the dogs out. All the plants have lived, and set another set of leaves, however they all look sickly & wilted, the leaves are somewhat shriveled and hang down limply. No brown blotches. None of the potential problem descriptions, seem to fix the bill...They were good looking plants when installed, but have all this problem. What do you think & what can I do?

A: My guess is the plants are reacting to cold and snow. They should perk up when warm weather arrives and the soil warms. If the leaves show permanent damage remove them by mowing with a lawn mower set at the highest setting. When the soil thaws fertilize with Espoma Holly Tone according to package directions. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy