Vegetable Garden Is Inundated With Growing Grass After Using Grass Clippings For Mulch

Question From: Utica, Michigan, United States
Q: A few years ago I read an article that stated that if I would put grass clippings from my grass in the garden it would help hold moisture? I did do that and since then my garden has been overwhelmed with grass growing among my vegetables!! My garden is 30 x 50 feet. Any suggestions?

A: Most grass is cut at about 4 inches and rarely contains seeds, so I think your grass came from someplace else. You must dig grass not pull it as it has long roots that resprout. If you are not averse to using chemicals carefully paint the blades of the grass with Roundup. Wait a few days and then spread newspaper 5 sheets thick and cover the newspaper with bark mulch. If you don't use chemicals get a weeder and dig out the grass. Then do the newspaper and mulch thing. I go after grass when it is small in spring. Good Luck and Happy Yardening, Nancy