Viburnum Hedge Leaves Are Turning Yellow And Red

Question From: Lake Helen, Florida, United States
Q: my viburnum hedge is having issues where the leaves are turning yellow and red and seem to be getting scarce in areas it is an established hedge so wondering what could be the problem or what fertilizer do we need to use

A: Colleen, I have no experience growing Viburnums gown in Florida. I suggest you contact your county extension for advice. Google for a contact. You might also take a sample to your local independent garden center. In Michigan, where I garden, red leaves often develop on tender plants when exposed to excessive cold. Your Vibes may also be suffering from lack of water or pest and disease. Fertilizers will not cure these issues. If you have a large investment in these bushes, I would get an on-site inspection from a professional - a certified arborist. To find one in your area go to Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy