Viburnum Leaves Have Holes

Question From: Charter Township of Clinton, Michigan, United States
Q: I read your article about the viburnum leaf beetle and I'm sure that one of my viburnums has become a victim. It's an arrowwood and the leaves look like something has eaten holes all over them. You mention using horticulture oil but doing it before it leafs out. Is it too late to use it now? When should I use it, if not now? Any other ideas? I really don't like using strong chemical pesticides but I would hate to lose this shrub now. It's been doing well and just flowered very nicely. Also, my snowball viburnum looks like something could be eating holes through the leaves too. Would this be from the same source? They're not next to each other. Thank you so much. Any advice would be appreciated. Karen Kolpak

A: To sort out your issues, take sample of both shrubs to Weigands Nursery 47747 Romeo Plank Rd, Macomb, MI 48044 . They will give you a positive Id and recommend a product you will be comfortable using. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy