Viburnum Leaves Turn Brown From Edges In And Fall Off

Question From: Niagara Falls, New York, United States
Q: Why are the leaves on my new (4 weeks old) turning brown and crispy from the edges in and falling off? I dug a much larger hole and back-filled in with Miracle garden soil, manure and some peat moss. Then I dug a hole in that and planted the five gallon plant. After about a week, I noticed some leaves were turning brown from the outside in and falling off. I did use Miracle Grow fertilizer twice and I water it EVERY day. I planted 3 new ones, all the same way, and they all have a liitle brown, but one is much worse. Also, they all are still producing new leaves. Help!! Audrey

A: Sounds like fertilizer burn. Shrubs should be back filled with native soil. Amendments such as peat moss and compost are added to enrich sand or improve drainage of clay soil. The MG garden soil contains fertilizer, Manure can also cause burning and MG fertilizer is also high in salts, which also burns. Hopefully roots balls are still at ground level. Continue to keep them watered - say twice a week if it does not rain and lay off the fertilizer for at least a year. Good Luck, Nancy

Comment: Thank you so much!! Audrey 😊