Viburnum Plant Did Not Bloom And Has No Leaves On Middle Portion

Question From: P. Lennon - PENNSYLVANIA
Q: I have a viburnam plant that has leaves on the top and bottom portion of the plant, but not in the center. The branches bend, however, when I scratch them, there is no green. Also it did not bloom this year. How do I prune with such an odd problem? What can I do?

A: You have a couple of options. One is to cut the entire shrub back hard to ground level. If its healthy it will quickly sprout new growth. You should get one or two feet of growth yearly. I would cover the soil around the shrub with a good compost and mulch it with a good organic mulch such as 3 inches of pine bark. I would also fertilize it with Holly Tone according to package directions. Also keep it watered. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy