Virginia Creeper Leaves Turn Brown And Die

Question From: F. Sanchez - Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States
Q: Hello Nancy, I live in Las Cruces, NM. My question is in reference to the Virginia Creeper. I have 25 Virginia Creepers in my yard along with several other plants. The Virginia Creeper are sick looking to say the least. The other plants in the yard are doing great. The creepers have brown leafs that die. I will send pictures of the Virginia Creeper.
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A: Fred, I am unable to enlarge the photos, but two issues come to mind. First is water, or lack of it. While Virginia Creeper is considered drought tolerant it should be watered weekly in hot dry weather. Also, the photo of the bark is fuzzy, but it looks like it has bumps on it and that may be the insect scale. Squash a few with your nail and if gunk oozes out, that's it. I suggest you bag up some cuttings and take them to your local independent nursery or garden center for better Id. They will be able to recommend when and how to treat it. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy