Virginia Creeper Not Getting New Growth Except At Base Of Plant

Question From: R. Pigeon - ALASKA
Q: I have a Virginia creeper that’s about four years old. It has spread over a good portion of my chain-link fence, probably 6 feet in each direction. This year I’m not getting any new growth on it except for right at the base of the plant. I have a raspberry bush close by. Do you think this is causing the problem? I don’t see any insects or caterpillars on it. The last photo is my other creeper that is about 15 feet away from the one that is doing poorly. I don’t live in Alaska, I’m in Prince George BC, but it wouldn’t accept a Canadian postal code.

A: I did not receive the photos. It may be anthracnose. Take samples to an independent garden center or nursery for an accurate ID. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.