Virginia Creeper Starts To Look Dead From Top Down Each Year

Question From: Dillon, Montana, United States
Q: My Virginia creeper begins to die from the top down every year any this time. It's leaves become reddish brown, mottled all over. By September when Others in my community are turning brown mine looks dead, the leaves fall and it is bear. I've tried. Turing it down, not over-watering, etc., but nothing helps. Every spring it comes again with nice green foliage and climbs up the chokecherry pole it is trained on next to a pumice brick wall. I am frustrated.

A: The mottled color is probably caused by a fungal disease. Take samples of the leaves to your local independent garden center or nursery for an accurate diagnosis. Do not fertilize it as lush growth is susceptible to disease and winter kill. A vine on a free standing pole is susceptible to drying winter winds and bitter cold that may cause winter kill. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy