Want To Plant Narrow Hedge For Privacy

Question From: Oak View, California, United States
Q: We live in the Ojai Valley, Ca., and have a wide range of temperature, from 25 degrees to 110, and often windy. The area is in full sun. The area we want to plant is approx 60 ft long and 2 feet wide. We have drip irrigation in already. We would like a 6' to 8' high, narrow hedge in this area, with no or little fruit, or berries, also equine non-poisoness. It is to reduce the view of our neighbors and their miniature donkeys. Love them, but just not next to our driveway. Any ideas? Have looked at Euonymus japiconica, iilex etc, but don't know.! I know there are a lot of considerations, but thank you for your time and consideration!!

A: I garden in Michigan, Clark, and have no knowledge of the plants that do well in your area. You need to get advice from professionals in your area. Begin by visiting a good independent garden center in your area. Get recommendations from neighbors who have landscapes you like for landscapers. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy