Want To Replace Ailing Blue Spruce With Flowering Trees

Question From: J. Arras - CONNECTICUT
Q: We have two large blue spruce trees flanking our driveway that have suffered from whatever disease is killing evergreens in our area (Connecticut). I would like to take them down and replant with two flowering trees that will grow rapidly. (I am 67 and would like to enjoy them before I'm 80, lol!) What do you suggest we plant?

A: I recommend you take a photo of the area and sample of the the soil to a good nursery or independent garden center in your area that sells trees and shrubs for recommendations. What does well in my area my not grow well where you live. I would also get some advice from a certified arborist in the area to see if there are trees that have issues that will need yearly attention. My favorite tree of the week is the seventh son, Heptacodium. Check it out and others on the Morton Arboretum. You might also talk to the folks at the Bartlett Arboretum in Stamford Ct. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy