Wax Myrtle Shrubs Have Black Spots

Question From: E. Quinlan - Alexandria, Virginia, United States
Q: I recently purchased 9(on-line) Wax Myrtle shrubs. They have black spots on them. Contacted the seller and was told to plant them between late Sept and early Dec and to keep them watered every other day and to place them in the shade until that time. I sent them 9 pics of the shrubs and she informed me that they were healthy except for the above diagnosis. She said that I could use neem oil on the shrubs.

A: I am not familiar with Wax Myrtles as I live in Zone 5 and they are not hardy here.t That said my research tells me they are easy care plants with few problems. I would take a sample of the spotted leaves to an independent garden center or nursery that sells these plants for a more accurate ID. I do not understand the recommendation to wait until September or later to plant the shrubs. Wax myrtles are not shade plants and they need some sun to manufacture food for themselves. Get a recommendation for care from a professional who has experience with this plant. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy