Weeping Bottlebrush Tree Roots Are Wrapping Around Trunk

Question From: k. longobardi - FLORIDA
Q: i have a weeping bottlebrush tree that i planted about 2 years ago, 3 of the roots are starting to grow above ground and one of them is starting to wrap around the bottom of the trunk. they are small roots at this time. a friend who was an arborist,told me to cut one of the roots in half length wise and that I could only do one root a year. Unfortunately he did no elaborate further and he passed away so i cannot ask him. what do i do if i cut this root in half? do i try to force it back into the ground? is this the right solution? i need some advise? thank you also, i do not mind this being shared publicly, but please do not share my personal email,


Kelly, I recommend you have a certified arborist do an onsite inspection. I am not trained to give the kind of advice you seek and every situation is different. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.

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