Weeping Willow Tree Is Losing Bark From Bottom To Top

Question From: W. Rhodes - Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania, United States
Q: I have a 10 year old Weeping Willow Tree that is losing its bark. The damage begins just above ground level and runs up the tree, to nearly the top. The bark peels off exposing bare wood. On each side of the bare wood the tree forms a "lip" of growth separating the bare wood from the bark covered area. The damage seems to be mainly on the South side of the tree. What is it and how do I treat it?

A: Your tree is suffering from winter sun scald. The lip is the tree's attempt to heal and seal the wound. It is best left to Mother Nature to take care of as any sort of painted on material will induce decay and delay healing. Wrapping the trunk of the tree in winter or erecting some sort of a sun screen may help, but if the damage is excessive, the tree will eventually die. Sadly, nothing can be done at this point. Best Nancy