What Are Dots On Bottoms Of Leaves In Rose Bouquet

Question From: B. Harrison - Longwood, Florida, United States
Q: Was wondering what this was on my rose Plant Leaves I bought from Winn-dixie?? I was Afraid They were Bugs so I tossed out the Leaves to my Girls Anniversary Roses :[
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A: Brian, The picture shows the leaves of fern (used as green filler in bouquets), part of a rose and white baby's breath (small flowers) The dots on the bottom of the fern leaves may be bug eggs or the may be spores, which ferns produce instead of seeds. One way to tell if they are bug eggs is to squish them. Bug egg will be filled with goo. Spores will not. If you can find a 7th grade boy, he will be happy to do the job. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.