What Fertilizer To Use For Trees

Question From: BELLE MEAD, New Jersey, United States
Q: Is there a product for tree fertilization with the name borrow or borough. My mother in law got the name from some one and we are not sure if the name is right or if there is such a product . I planned to use Jobe spikes but want to be able to either find the other product or give her an explanation of what it is if it exists or not. Can you help?

A: I know of no product by that name. I don't recommend the use of Jobe's Spikes. They're made of chemical fertilizers that are very high in salts and are very concentrated. The salts can burn the roots in the area around the spike. Also, the fertilizer moves downward but not out through the soil. Better to use a granular fertilizer, such as Espoma Plant Tone that can be sprinkled under the canopy of the tree in fall. It's a slow release organic product that will not burn the roots of the tree. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.