What Food Might A Racoon Find In A Yew Tree

Question From: L. Watson - Norwich, Connecticut, United States
Q: Is there anything like a small pest on yew bushes which a raccoon would eat? I know that Japanese yews are quite poisonous for mammals, and I assume raccoons, too. I have observed on a home camera one of our local raccoons seeming to eat something in a yew bush. He climbs up and mid way out on a branch and sort of snuffles about (not very good quality pix!), there are no berries to speak of, and he is definitely not eating the needles, but quite seriously checking out a small area around where he sits.

A: Raccoons eat birds, bird eggs, insects, insect larvae and insect eggs, all of which can be found on yews. Black vine weevils, scale and mealy bugs are also possibilities. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy