What In Yard Is Causing Allergic Reaction On Skin

Question From: G. Sweeney - Mustang, Oklahoma, United States
Q: For the last 3-4 years, I have been unable to walk around my back lawn in bare feet. If I do, I break out in large whelts. These appear usually only from the knees down, unless I bend down. Then they appear on my arms, and thighs. For the longest time I thought it was biting critters, and used every form of spray, powders, etc, to no avail. As I cannot find any evidence of mites, etc, I have come to realize it is some form of allergy(?). For the first time this year, it is now happening on my front lawn. I have asked a couple of lawn care guys, and another couple of nurseries, but no-one so far has been able to offer any constructive help/remedy. The whelts appear as approximately match-head size white blister type, with an accompanying red 2 inch circle. Naturally, they are itchy, with a burning sensation, but if left alone, will disappear after about 1 hour. My neighbors, and their children, or any of my friends for that matter, are not affected by anything in/on the lawn. If you have any idea, or anything I could try, it would really be appreciated. I live in Oklahoma City, OK.

A: I cannot help you on this one. I would have an allergist look at it when it is in full swing. It could be from something used on the landscape, an herbicide, an insecticide - bugs - who knows? Good Luck and thanks for visiting Yardener.com. Best Nancy