What Is Killing My Viburnum

Question From: K. Vaziri - Wheaton, Illinois, United States
Q: I have some viburnum in my back yard that have been slowly dying back. I have had two completely detach at the base after drying out. Both broken bases have had some white spots on it, but I cannot figure out why these plants are dying. I have two that are in pretty poor shape and have fallen over, but are somehow still attached by a small section of root. What is killing my viburnum???

A: There are several diseases that will attack Viburnum. Armillaria root rot is one. It cannot be treated and the shrubs would need to be removed. Botryosphaeria Dieback and Canker is another. I recommend you have an onsite inspection from a certified arborist or take samples to your county horticultural agent for a more accurate ID and recommendation for treatment. Environmental stress - too much water or too little is often part of the cause. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy