What Is Source Of Information And Opinions On Yardener

Question From: J. Leon - Grosse Ile Township, Michigan, United States
Q: I'm looking at the hand reel mowers review and find no author for the opinion expressed. The review looks like it was given by the manufacturer. I DO LIKE GETTING THE NEWLETTER AND I HAVE JUST DONATED.

A: John, Thanks very much for the donation, it really helps. My late partner Jeff Ball wrote the review. While he may have taken some of the verbage from a commercial source - late in his life he suffered a broken wrist and other problems that made typing difficult. That said we tested the tools or contacted other garden pros who tested them. My choice for a push mower would be the Fiskar's model. It allows good height adjustment. The self sharpening blades and placement of the front wheels also set it about other models. Hope this helps, Best Nancy.