What Is The OPC Garden

Question From: MICHIGAN
Q: Hello, Dear Nancy, In regards to your April 12th Homestyle article you refer to the OPC garden two times with no definition of OPC. What is an OPC garden? What does OPC stand for? Where is the OPC Garden? You also referred to OPC on #/28/19 with no clarification of those letters. Online Acronyms & Abbreviations website lists c. 20 different OPCs but not one mentioned a garden..Certainly, you can't actually assume ALL readers are familiar with your OPC garden. Your omitting this information appears to be a thoughtless oversight. Hopefully, you'll respond to this email with your much appreciated answers. Looking forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Elly Sullivan

A: Not a thoughtless oversight. I have been writing about the OPC Garden for 4 years and periodically refer to the location. Lack of space is the issue, not a thoughtless oversight. A simple request will get you the information. The garden I steward is located at the senior citizens center - the OPC, in Rochester. Google the OPC Rochester for directions. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.