What Product Can Kill Weeds In Rock Bed With Expensive Shrubs And Evergreens

Question From: New Jersey, United States
Q: Hi Nancy, do you know of a product that can kill weeds that are in a rock bed that has expensive shrubs and evergreens. I called Ortho Co. they recommended a product called Grass Be Gone. I followed the instructions, also used 2 bottles and it did not work, they could not recommend anything else that would not harm the shrubs. Tried, but could not add the pictures

A: Richard, I get real nervous when folks want advice on about using weed killers around expensive shrubs and trees. The only herbicide I know of would be one with glyphosate such as Durazone Weed and Grass by Bayer. It will kill or damage any plant it touches, but will not translocate through the soil. So you will have to cover all your shrubs with plastic before you use it and leave the covering on until it dries. If you go on the Bayer website you will find more information under the Articles . Don't underestimate the damage that drift can cause. Good Luck and Happy Yardening