What Should Cucumber Yield Be With 25 Foot Long Trellis

Question From: N. Hemmings - Hempstead, New York, United States
Q: Nancy, Just to be clear, you are saying that if use a 25feet long trellis for 1 cucumber plant, my yield should be 100pounds from that plant? I am referring to your article on using trellis. I want very high yields in the small space I have as I will be doing this for commercial purposes (small scale). Also, this is my first time planting cucumbers. Thanks

A: Jeff Ball wrote that section several years ago. Though it's possible, much will depend on the type of cucumber - it should be a commercial variety, the weather, the condition and quality of your soil, how you fertilize and water and care for the plants. The weather has been very dicey the past several years and cucumber diseases have been rampant. In my area, Southeastern Michigan, some truck farmers have struggled with cucumbers. I recommend you work with your country horticulture agent. Also check out the seed selection at Johnny's Select Seeds. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.