What Size Crepe Myrtle And Where To Plant It

Question From: Branford, Connecticut, United States
Q: Nancy could you please help. Where would a pink crapemyrtle large shrub/small tree, 15'-25' h - 6'-15' spread look best for a regular sized ranch house, with a fenced in back yard with deck, and a modest front lawn? I do not want it to over-power our property or home. Should I buy a dwarf crepemyrtle shrub so that it would look neater and more compact?

A:  MaryAnn, I am not a landscape designer, however, if I were I would have to do an onsite inspection before advising you on changes. I suggest you take the time, effort and money to hire a professional to advise you. A good local independent garden center often offers landscaping services for little or no cost if you purchase materials from them. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.