What Spreader Setting For Grass Magic And Why Is Lawn Not Greening Up After Applying Scotts Fertilizer

Question From: C. Pickford - Livonia, Michigan, United States
Q: Hello Nancy, Can you please tell me the spreader setting for Grass Magic 15-0-7 using my Scotts Turf Builder Edge Guard DLX? Also, my grass isn't as green as I would expect, given that we have received rain and I have an irrigation system. I'm hoping this will do the trick instead of using Scotts Step 3. What are your thoughts please?

A: Set your spreader at 3/4 s and let her rip. Scotts is a fast release fertilizer and the nitrogen is long gone. Washed away into the water table with all that rain. Patience is a good thing when it comes to Mother Nature. Give your lawn a couple of weeks to come around. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy