What To Plant For Privacy As Replacement For Bamboo

Question From: J. Howard - Springfield, Virginia, United States
Q: Behind my back fence my old neighbors had a stand of overgrown bamboo which was always falling to my side of the fence and a pain.....then they sold the house. The first thing the new neighbors did was remove all of the bamboo exposing a complete view of their house and yard...oh to have the bamboo screen. My question is what would you suggest to put along the fence that would provide a screen. My yard is not deep so I would want something that would grow up not too far out, but I can trim it back to keep it in control, I do not like evergreen pines...skip Laura's has been suggested with a birch on one side of the row with a crape myrtle at the end.....what I envision is something creative attractive. Can you give me ideas? I do have photos

A: Jo, I am not a landscape designer and I garden in Michigan so I can not be of help in this situation. I suggest you visit a garden center or nursery that provides landscape services and see what they recommend. Take your photos and be sure you know the type of soil, exposure and amount of sun the area receives. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.