What To Plant For Privacy Near Fir And Cedar Trees

Question From: Bothell, Washington, United States
Q: We have 3-75' to 100' firs & 1-75' cedar in an area that is now exposed due to a housing project. After considering the Leyland Cypress & other fast growing evergreens we believe they could be damaged digging any holes with so many existing roots showing. QUESTION: We're now considering fast growing bamboo & want to know if we build a 4-5' berm on TOP of some roots, but 8-10' away from base of trees will we be damaging our evergreens? Thanks!

A: Fast growing bamboo, the spreading variety will eat up your landscape. You need to get an onsite inspection from a professional. To find a certified arborist in your area go to www.TCIA.org and enter your zip code. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy